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5 Songs That Will Enhance You’re Workouts 2021


Are you having a hard time pushing through those mid-day workouts? Need more motivation to help you achieve that extra rep? Depending on your existing schedule, these five songs will get you up, moving, and help you unleash that inner warrior. Here, you’ll find the latest EDM Trap songs, discover cool workout music, and read interesting facts about artists. So without further ado, here are the top five songs:

1. “Hitta” By Marshmello & Eptic (ft. Juicy J)

Wanna add a kickass song to your workout playlist? “Hitta” by Marshmello, Eptic, and Juicy J will help you get fit or get lit. This collaboration combines mainstream hip-hop and EDM rhythmic sounds that creates a powerful punch. The build-up starts around the 35-second mark, and the drop on this is a full-out banger. Make sure to check out other tracks from Marshmello’s new album called “Shockwave“.

2. “FEELING GUD” – NGHTMRE & SLANDER (ft. Matthew Santos)

Are you feeling good or “FEELING GUD”? I bet you’re going to feel a whole lot better after hearing this sick build-up and drop at the 35-second mark! “Feeling Gud” is an upbeat, EDM/Future Bass song that incorporates bouncy synths, rhythmic basslines, and melodic vocals performed by Matthew Santos. After four years or so since their last collaboration called “GUD VIBRATIONS,” NGHTMRE and SLANDER have finally agreed to make another collab and drop this single with the same “GUD” embroidery. Whenever you don’t feel like heading out to the gym, get this song and listen to it on your way there to feel GUD.

3. “Two Glocks” By GRAVEDGR

Love aggressive bass and hard drops? You gotta listen to this one. Skip the song to the 30-second mark, and be prepared to blow your brains out. If you haven’t heard, GRAVEDGR recently dropped his single this year called “2 Glocks” with Thrive Music Records. The individual’s identity behind this mysterious persona is still unclear, and I’d say he is undoubtedly an interesting up-and-coming artist. GRAVEDGR should be your go-to if you’re into aggressive trap music. GRAVEDGR’s debut album, ‘6 FEET UNDER,’ was released just last year, and the world finally seems to get to know and comprehend who he is. If you’re looking to be more explosive in your leg workouts, make sure to have this song in your playlist.

4. Take A Step Back By Dr. Fresch & Marten Hørger

Let’s all take this moment and take a step back to this song right here. Dr. Fresch and Marten Hørger have teamed up to create an EDM House song that should definitely be in your playlist if you have not heard. To listen to the build-up and drop, go to the 25-second mark and prepare to rethink why you didn’t listen to this music sooner. If you’re the type that enjoys cycling, this song right here will help you get into that flow.

5. “Moon Love” By Boombox Cartel (ft. Nessly)

I bet you’ve probably never heard of this song before. Moon Love is a song by Boombox Cartel that flawlessly blends hip-hop and dubstep into one banger. Skip the song to the 1 minute 10 seconds mark for the ultimate dubstep frenzy. Nessly’s melodic flows also mesh nicely with Boombox’s ambient pads and distorted synths during the downbeat of the song. If your a hip-hop junkie like me, hip-hop should be one of the first songs you workout to. Make sure to give this a listen if you really like crushing your chest workouts.

Well, it looks like you’ve made it to the end… If there is anything you liked or disliked, leave a comment and go try a workout with one of these songs!

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